Wednesday, June 3, 2009

techno feeb

I spent an hour tonight trying to publish my blog. Gradually, happily I realized I didn't put the name of the blog in. Unhappily I realized I couldn't remember the blog's name. So I did a little, what is it called when you search physically for something? Hard searching?
Why is it searching through all of those apps, I keep choosing the art ones? Easy question, I like them. Harder question, where do they go when I choose them? I look inside the folders, on the desktop, sometimes even underneath the computer, figuring magic could make it work but they disappear to a far better place. At least I hope it's far better. Know the best thing about blogging about technology? I get to write deep into the dark night while I'm waiting for morning to garden. I did get welcomed back to Flicker when I went searching for it. I don't remember how to move photos on to other apps but I'll be there soon.
Now I wonder if that will show.