Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well, I like it.

Why? It has a clear purpose: to transmit interesting information to help with research. It's informal in manner but brings in solid information and good links. It is appealing and easy to interact with. All that being said, it's no longer updated. So possibly it doesn't win for longevity. But for spirit, it is WIKI ish!

Now for wikis that still exist, we can go to: Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki. It has instructions for use, a description of wikis in general and a concise description of best practices in libraries. You have a clear outline and outcome expected, you're invited to join in, and consensus rather than dissention is encouraged. There is an enormous list of areas to post in and they are all well defined and they support success in library endeavors. By wiki standards according to Maishi Nachani in "Planning and sustaining wiki based collaboration based projects", it is a true success. Granted Nachani was talking about internal wikis, but the Best Practices Wiki is a sort of a self sustaining wiki in that it makes all library folk a part of the community.It asks and answers the questions posed by Nachani:
What is the need for the project?
What will the wiki address?
Will everyone be able to use the wiki?
Who are the members?
Will they require training?
What's the budget?
With each entry, a decision can be made to develop the subject.
Granted it is a bit of a geeky information wiki. And granted it looks at times like a group of tags a la delicious. But the job of this wiki is to continue to produce best practices information and that it does brilliantly.

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